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All (lewd) April Free Comics have been released!

Hey folks!
All 10 of the comics that I made for April (9 are free) have been released and are available for your viewing pleasure! If you missed one or want to get the premium version of a favorite, here's a list of each and everyone I made this month:
April Fools (Girl-Girl)

Bartender's Night Off (Guy-Girl)

Erin's Road Trip (Guy-Girl)

Pushing Daisy (Transgirl-Transgirl)

Wrong Number (Guy-Transgirl)

Naked Truth (Transgirl-Cisgirl)

POP ART (Guy-Transgirl)

April Showers (Girl-Girl)

The Femboy Chronicles I: A Lewd Hope (Guy-Femboy)

Cougar Come Home (Guy-Girl)

Thanks for joining me on this crazy journey this month! As always I have a Patreon where you can get any of these comics, daily lewd/nude pinups, and more!


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