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NEW The Lost Boyz Comic: Candy Hearts! & A SALE

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we have a fun anthology comic with 4 sexy stories set around Valentine's Day.
CANDY HEARTS 4 sexy stories set around Valentine’s Day:

Be Mine - 21 Pages - Willa and Ciera are alone in the locker rooms after cheerleading practice, I wonder if Willa will tell Ciera how she feels.

First Kiss - 21 Pages - Luna & Geoff play 7 minutes in heaven and Luna gets her first kiss… of a dick.

Kiss Me - 20 Pages - Callie and Rory go on Valentine’s Day coffee date, can they wait till they get home to get down to business?

Melt My <3 - 27 Pages - Delivery Drivers Mia and David are locked in the Romano’s Pizza fridge on Valentine’s Day. They have to stay warm somehow…

Includes 89 comic pages, 89 textless variant pages, and 12 exclusive pinups.

Also, we have an awesome Valentine's Sale for all products on The Lost Boyz store! 50% for everything (including Candy Hearts) using the code: heartday22

And as always I have Patreon available if you'd like to receive my comics a month early and get daily lewd art/pinups.


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