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Second set of 2 FREE Comics out now (Trans Comics)

Howdy folks,
Hope your week has been excellent. We released 2 FREE Trans Comics this week (with premium options of course) and here they are:

Get it here!

Pushing Daisy (Trans Comic)

Starring Daisy and Kami

Daisy asks Kami for a private physical therapy session. Maybe they can use some of that flexibility for something else…

Content: Trans Lesbian Sex.

25 Comic Pages

25 Textless Variant Pages

4 Exclusive Pinups

Get it here!

Wrong Number (Trans Comic)

Starring Jesse Lin and Sanjay

Jesse Lin gets a dick pic sent at random. She decides to meet with the guy anyway and finds it’s Sanjay, a friend. What will they do?

Content: Trans Blowjob.

24 Comic Pages

24 Textless Variant Pages

3 Exclusive Pinups

Next week we have another free Trans comic, Naked Truth, and a non-trans free comic POP ART .

And as always I have Patreon available if you'd like to receive my comics a month early and get daily lewd art/pinups.

TLB Adult Comics: Mid-May 50% off Sale. Code: midmay22

TLB Adult Comics: Happy Mothers Day (and New Cinco de Mayo Comic!)

All (lewd) April Free Comics have been released!

First 3 FREE comics of April OUT NOW

9 Free Short Comics. Coming All Throughout April. Oops All Shortz Month.

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